Soul Care Matters

Live, Love and Lead from a Healthy Soul

Welcome To our Blog

Soul Care Matters blog is a new venture for us.  As a pastor (Merle) and a professional counselor (Karen) we know first hand that soul devastation is real and it occurs when we neglect our souls.  After three decades of ignoring soul care our marriage and ministry became barren. We had no choice but to find a better way to live. Through the help of spiritual directors and supportive friends we began caring for our soul.  Our lives are now devoted to living, loving and leading from a healthy soul. And we have a passion to share the important message “soul care matters” with others! 

Soul care is a way of living as well as a journey. Here are a few basics truths that can help you begin to consider your soul.

  • Your soul is the real you, your true self. The soul is all of you – mind, emotions, spirit and will.  Living, loving or leading apart from the awareness of your true self is devastating to the soul. Knowing and being your true self is essential to caring for your soul.
  • Your soul is a unique creation of God  (Gen 1:26-27; Psalms 139). The soul is not man-made or man-shaped but it can be devastated by man.
  • You have only one soul. Any soul can grow barren and even be lost when it is ignored (Proverbs 14:12). We can care for our soul or not but we don’t get a second soul in this life.
  • Your soul was created for a purpose. The soul is a gift given to every human to love God and live life on purpose.  Soul care matters because without it we cannot love God or live the purposeful life he intends.




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