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Small Things Matter



One of the greatest temptations in life is a habit of minimizing the significance of small things and giving more attention to “the seemingly” big things. The importance of small things has been on my mind quite a lot of late. So I recently asked my Facebook friends to share what small thing mattered to them from day to day.  I received the following responses: a hug, smile, laughter, listening, affirmation, notes, unprompted help, genuine interest, affection, appreciation and the words “I love you”.  I found that small things are really the big things to people.

         The truth is our days are a compilation of one small thing after another.

Some of the small things that occur in a day do more to deplete our souls than they do to renew us. I also made a private inquiry to handful of people to ask what one thing makes their soul heavy, burdened or weary on any given day.  I discovered that no rest, over commitment, feeling unseen, feeling unheard, no exercise, illness and hurried living leaves people depleted. And the list expanded to include no margin, being ignored, living in isolation, lack of solitude,  bracing for the next thing, all work and no play, poor nutrition, and no community leads people to feel weary and burned out. These response confirm that small things can have a big impact on your soul.

                        It is fair to say there are no little things in God’s kingdom! 

The smallest of acts like a hug, kind word, and laughter is what makes our life rich with Christian love, meaning and purpose. All of it makes a difference. If we overlook the seemingly little things, we risk damaging relationships, weaken our spirits, neglect our general health. We can miss out on friendship, carry a burden alone, focus on pain, forfeit a relationship with our heavenly Father and consequently live with a depleted, burned-out soul.

In scripture the smallest of things mattered to God! Consider how God valued a shepherd’s staff, a star in the east, a boys sling, five fish and two loaves of bread and faith the size of a mustard seed. Who would think the small mite of the widow, a few moments  given by a Samaritan man or a little oil in a virgin’s lamp mattered?  If God doesn’t overlook the value of the small things then why do we?

The smallest of matters may be what matters the most in the grand scheme of our life.

                             “Who dares despise the day of small things…” (Zechariah 4:10).

The health of the soul is dependent on the smallest of things. Periods of silence, solitude, stillness, slowing, study and the practice of sabbath are just a few small things that renew our souls.  If your story today includes feeling grieved, depleted or overwhelmed by life then be careful not to minimize the experience. A small act of slowing life’s pace can allow time needed to tend to your soul. On the other hand, if your story today involves feeling convicted, called out or challenged in some area of your life be careful not to ignore these promptings. Take a small amount of time for solitude and confirm God’s direction. Remember our soul is not alone. The Holy Spirit is our helper (John 14:16,26).  Elijah heard God in a still small voice and it was there he recovered his soul.( I Kings 19:11-13) The small whisper’s of the Spirit can help you recover your soul too!

Merle & Karen



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